BC Awareness and Exercising

Information and awareness of emergency procedures and continuity (recovery) plans is an important aspect of our Business Continuity & Resilience program. Emergency Management and Business Continuity & Resilience have developed, in conjunction with the Learning & Capability team (Human Resources), an Awareness Module for all staff and students. Login to myUNSW/Staff Profile/Learning & Development and search for 'MIRT' to access this short awareness program (15-20 mins) to ensure you are up to date on what we may ask you to do in the event of an emergency or incident. It will be available to you in Moodle 24 hours after your request.

In addition to the Awareness Training, BCR operate an extensive Exercise and Testing Program. This program includes:

  • Developing the capability of our incident and recovery teams through participation in scenario-based exercises
  • Ensuring component testing is undertaken (e.g. facilities, generators and IT Disaster Recovery Testing)
  • Undertaking end-to-end exercises (building shutdown)
  • Technical testing of critical processes/functions

If you would like your team to develop their business continuity capability or improve their awareness please email risk@unsw.edu.au