Business Continuity and Resilience

Successful organisations prepare for disruptions to prepare staff and in the University’s case, students and to ensure safety and security. At UNSW, the Business Continuity and Resilience program focuses on identifying the most critical functions that need to continue in the event of an incident or disruption, developing a recovery plan (BCP) and where possible, improving the resilience of the organisation by building in redundancy, adapting the critical function or putting in place different processes that improve resilience when implementing change.

We focus on engaging with Faculties, Divisions and related entities to understand what people, equipment, IT and other infrastructure their critical functions rely on, then determining how they can best continue these functions in the event of a disruption.

UNSW has in place a Major Incident Response Team (MIRT) that is responsible for managing incidents, and a Business Continuity Team (BCT) responsible for co-ordinating implementation of recovery plans. Both are comprised of senior leaders from Faculties and Divisions, as well as central function representatives from Estate Management, Communications and IT.  Each Faculty or Division has its own Business Unit Recovery Team (BURT) responsible for leading and implementing recovery plans for their respective units and Business Continuity Champions to support the BC&R program

The Business Continuity and Resilience team lead the University’s program by having in place an annual Business Impact Analysis, and an extensive exercising program to ensure those with business continuity responsibilities have developed their skills appropriately. In addition, the team are engaged in consulting projects particularly regarding workplace change and resilience.

The Business Continuity and Resilience program reports to the Risk Committee on business resilience risk quarterly.


For more information contact:

Catherine Dolle-Samuel
Business Continuity & Resilience Specialist
T: + 61 (0) 421 255 434