Tools and Templates

Tools and templates for managing risk will be found here.

Risk Profile Assessment

The Risk Profile template can help your Faculty or Division to understand risks within it. Access is via zID login. Click here to access.

Travel Risk

The Risk Management team review all travel requests for international travel to destinations deemed high risk due to the activity or destination, informed by DFAT and UNSW Partners Global 24 Advisory. Our commitment is to respond to travel requests received via the MyTravel@UNSW system within 24 business hours of receipt.

About Global 24 Advisory & Assistance (G|24), our Travel Risk Advisory and Emergency Response service

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G|24 combines best in class advisory and response processes and the world’s most comprehensive emergency and crisis technology to keep our people safe.

Through their end-to-end advisory and support services, integrated risk mitigation and management technology, and 24/7/365 emergency response, UNSW is confident that our people will be supported and prepared to successfully undertake activities and stay safe.

Why G|24

The team at G|24 have over 120+ years of collective experience, working with some of the largest organisations around the globe. Their experience in the University sector means they understand our unique risk needs and how to prepare, prevent, advise, support, and respond during medical or security incidents that may impact our people.

Further information and training on using the MyTravel@UNSW system can be sought by contacting the UNSW Travel Team. If you are reviewing the Travel Risk form, please login via SSO to for information on risks associated with your travel destinations. You can also contact Global 24:

New Details

Global 24 Advisory & Assistance (G|24)

Dedicated contact number: +61 2 9312 5153

Travel Assistance App: SAFETURE


Business Risk Maturity

UNSW has developed a Business Risk Maturity tool for self assessment by individual business units. Please click here to access the tool, or contact any of the team for guidance.

Risk Management Policy

UNSW's Risk Management Policy has been approved by Council. To access the document, click here, or visit

Risk Management Framework

The Risk Management Framework outlines the approach to risk at UNSW and its controlled entities. Access is via zID only - click here for the Risk Management Framework/system/files/docs/Risk%20Management%20Framework%20V1.0%202021.10.12FINAL.pdf

Enterprise Risk Criteria and Categories

Click here to access the Enterprise Risk Criterian and Categories

Risk Strategy

UNSW's risk strategy is usually reviewed every 3 years. It was last updated in 2019 and can be accessed via zID login. Click here to access the strategy.